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Support your local independent pub!

Nowadays, it is so easy to get reasonably priced food and drink out at the pub. Most are family friendly, and many accept our four legged 'best friends too.

However, so many of the available hostelries are now owned and operated by big corporate operators like Whitbread or Wetherspoons who with their huge buying power they get their stock cheaper than the independent publicans.

Which means they can offer cheaper beer prices, meal deals and longer opening hours without impacting on their profitability. The smaller operators and independent local pubs cannot operate at the same scale, they can't do the £1.99 a pint or the 2 meals for £10 type deals, but they can do something the big chains often fail to do, and that's providing a service to their local community!

You'll find the landladies and landlords are on first name terms with most of their customers, they run local charity events, quiz nights and support local performers and bands. They stock and run their own kitchens which means the food is of a much higher quality than that served by the chain pubs. They get to choose what beers, wines and spirits to sell and often sell locally produced drinks, such as craft ales and bespoke gins.

If you enjoy pub sports such as darts, pool or skittles many of our smalier pubs have teams to join, which is a fantastic way to meet new friends and have fun, you'll also get to visit lots of different venues on 'away days'. Although independent pubs are on the decline (729 pubs closed between July 2022 and June 2023) we do still have a few great 'locals' in and around Weston-super-Mare. Not just in the town centre but areas such as Worle, Milton or Uphill, their are lots to choose from.

We are also lucky enough to have several micro pubs, specialising in locally produced beer, we have two to choose from in the High Street alone! You'll receive a warm welcome and expert advice on what beer to drink and a sample taster to try before you buy. And who doesn't love a delicious home cooked Sunday lunch - you won't find freshly made Yorkshire puddings, crispy roast potatoes and fresh tender vegetables in the chain pubs!

So, next time you fancy a quick pint, or a family celebration meal, instead of looking for cheap and basic, try your local instead. The warm welcome will be worth it.


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