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Award-Winning Eco-Club who reached international semi-finals now spreading the green message

An award-winning environment club at Worle Community School Academy, called Climate Justice Revolution, has gone from being a small club of 4 in 2019 to becoming an inspirational group of 20 students who are all working to make the local community greener.

The group won a commendation for Social Media Champions, for outstanding use of communications, as well as being semi finalists, in the international Global Social Leaders competition involving over 600 teams from 105 countries.

Now they want to help smaller groups in and around Somerset to make change. They are already working inside primary schools across Weston-super-Mare. Chair of the new network, Jack Clark, aged 16, said "We are thrilled with the international recognition. Being a part of CJR has given me so many opportunities and the team and I are keen to ensure that everyone gets those chances. We can only tackle climate change if we work together.”

Worle Community School Academy has recently installed two electric car chargers - building on its huge reputation as an award-winning eco-school. Earlier this year they won a prestigious award for environmental travel to school with enthusiastic students picking up the prize. They already have electric bikes, cycle training, bike fixing, a travel ‘champion’ and excellent walking and road safety skills. Jack also formed his own environmental magazine, the Green Gazette earlier this year.

Any schools, young people aged 7 to 19, or home educated students can find out more by contacting group supervisor, Mary Leonard, by emailing



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