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Hundreds sign petition to save Bournville pharmacy from closure

Campaigners fighting to keep open the Boots pharmacy have received hundreds of signatories to their petition.

The pharmacy which serves the local community in the Bournville area has been marked for closure by the company as part of its national restructuring in February.

Campaign organiser Dan Aldridge said "Like so many in Weston, my family and I rely heavily on our local pharmacy for regular medication. The possibility of its closure has caused anxiety among many residents, especially the vulnerable who depend on it for their basic healthcare needs. 

Our town is home to a significant number of elderly and disabled individuals who require regular medication. The closure of this pharmacy would mean that they would have to travel further distances to access their prescriptions, which would be detrimental to their health and further worsen health inequalities for the most in need."

Mr Aldridge added "We know pharmacies play a crucial role in providing quality healthcare services across the UK. They are often the first point of contact for patients with health concerns, providing advice and treatment for common conditions as well as dispensing prescribed medicines. The closure of our local Boots Pharmacy would not only disrupt these essential services but also put additional pressure on other healthcare providers in our community. "

Ian Parker, one of the two councillors for Weston-super-Mare South on North Somerset Council said: “Almost half of Bournville residents have no access to a motor vehicle. The two nearest pharmacies are approximately one mile and one and a half miles from Bournville.

“Having to walk these distances to obtain medical supplies would be impossible for some and probably add to their health condition for others.”

Mr Parker added: “Having a pharmacy with a pharmacist within walking distance from home, for many users, means they can retain a level of social independence without relying on friends or relatives who drive to collect their prescriptions.

“The decision to close the Bournville pharmacy has been made without any thought to the people who will be affected.”

Fellow Weston-super-Mare South councillor James Clayton added: “The residents already have a lot to deal with including cost of living pressures and struggling to manage their healthcare needs in a timely and effective way. We want them to have a chemist nearby."

"Boots is ideal as it’s directly opposite their local GP practice and they can easily move between the two buildings for their healthcare needs. The loss of an easy-to-access service could have dire consequences at an individual and community level.”

The petition against the closure of the pharmacy can be signed here



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