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Penrose hits panic button as Tory Party sends in backup

The Conservative Party is quietly sending in extra resources into dozens of Tory-held seats deemed at risk at the general election, including Weston-super-Mare where John Penrose MP won with a majority of 17,000 at the last general election.

As many as 200 constituencies held by Conservative MP's have been designated as vulnerable, with the party HQ sending in extra resources in an attempt to shore up MP's, including here in Weston where Mr Penrose has been the MP since 2005.

This demonstrates that the Conservative Party is extremely concerned about Mr Penrose's chances of keeping his seat at the next election which comes off the back of Labour's Clare Moody defeating the incumbent Conservative Mark Shelford, at the recent Police & Crime Commissioner election.

John Penrose MP is seen by many as a devisive figure in the town after a string of controversies over his political activities in recent years. In 2020, The Mirror reported that Mr Penrose had joined the advisory board of 1828; which called for the NHS to be replaced by an insurance system an for Public Health England to be scrapped.

In 2021, Mr Penrose voted to allow water companies to continue to dump raw sewage in our rivers and seas, despite a 37% increase from the previous year. A recently updated sewage map by Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) shows that all 3 of Weston's beaches have pollution or sewage warnings in place and entering the water should be avoided.

Labour's parlimentary candidate for Weston-super-Mare said; "The next General Election is a once in a generation opportunity for change.

Just this month, we've seen the country turn to Labour as the party ready to govern. We're the only party with a sensible, costed plan to reform and renew every part of our nation and a clear mission, to build back pride and prosperity in towns like ours.

Dan Alridge is fighting to win the seat for Labour at the nextr election

The choice for Weston is clear, vote Labour to be part of our progressive mission; with a Labour MP in a reform-focussed Labour Government, or vote for the same old politics that have left us to stagnate with an MP either unable or unwilling to put Weston first.

It won’t be easy to win in Weston, apathy and disengagement from politics is at an all time high, but I will change that. I promise a proactive, engaged and impactful politics. I will be visible, accessible and accountable, and I won't be taking any other jobs while MP. Weston will, quite rightly, be my priority.

I know Weston and our people. This town is my home. We're all crying out for meaningful change, and we will deliver it."


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