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"Queering The Map"; People share their experiences from in and around Weston

Queering the Map is a worldwide community-based online collaborative platform on which users can submit their personal LGBTQ experiences to specific locations on a single collective map. Since its inception, users have contributed more than 500,000 posts in 23 languages to the platform.

In Weston, people have shared their personal experiences and where they occured in and around our town. All posts are anonmyous so as to protect the identity of the person adding their experience to the map.

Steve Winter-Gray, Chair of NSLGBT+ Forum said; "Queering the Map is a great project that gives a voice to many of our community who may or may not be out, or ready to come to terms with who they really are"

"It allows individuals who have had to keep a lot of their feelings bottled up for so long, the opportunity to anonymously say how they really feel, and maybe direct these comments towards individuals that they have admired for some time or who they have feelings towards that they would maybe find difficult to divulge in person"

The full map of the world and all the users contributions can be found here but below are some of the posts from in and around Weston


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