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Weston to fall under Tier 3 when lockdown ends next week

When the national lockdown ends next week and the new local restriction tiers come into place on Wednesday 2nd December, Weston-super-Mare will fall under Tier 3 restrictions, is has been announced today.

With North Somerset having had 449 cases in the last week (15th Nov-21st Nov), a fall from 654 cases in the previous week (8th Nov-14th Nov), and a ratio of 209 cases per 100,000

whilst the the average area in England had 169 cases, it was hoped that the region would come under a lower tier as the area was on a downwards trajectory.

North Somerset Council’s executive member for health, Cllr Mike Bell, said: “No one wants to be in the situation of having to continue tough restrictions in North Somerset.

“This lockdown has put a significant strain on many parts of our community, especially those who need to take extra care during Covid and our hospitality sector, and the decision to keep us in a high level of alert means these difficulties are not yet at an end.

“But what we are doing is working. Our case rates are coming down. If we keep doing what we’re doing we can move down the tiers and have more normality, as fast as possible.

"We don't want to see North Somerset stuck in tier 3 any longer than absolutely necessary. If our hard work continues to pay off and our rates continue to go down we will be asking Government for assurances of a regular review of the evidence and to insure that we are not unfairly linked to rates outside of our area."

A full list of the restrictions the community must adhere to can be found here:



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