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Big Worle Launch ‘Love Wins’ month

Big Worle launch a ‘Love Wins’ month on social media: promoting positivity, kindness, self-love and community love.

Big Worle realise the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on its residents and wanted to do something to bring the community together. During the month of February, to tie in with Valentine’s Day, Big Worle launches a social media event aimed at boosting the morale around the area, whilst also encouraging people to get involved with things they may not have had the chance to do before.

The first week of the event focused on loving yourself and providing residents with advice and tips on how they can love themselves. Big Worle teamed up with Emma from Do Yoga and funded a guided relaxation video, as well as another which centred around breathing techniques. These videos can be accessed on the Big Worle Facebook page.

The second week saw Big Worle extend the idea of spreading love by challenging its following to be kind to others. The community group encouraged residents to get involved by completing a task from the ‘Friendly February’ calendar which was also shared on their Facebook page.

Big Worle Chair Colin Golland said “This February more than any other year, it is vital that we all look after ourselves and each other as much as we can in our community. This is why we at Big Worle are focussing on love and connections. We hope that many local people will get involved with our campaign and help to make a difference. It is simple to get involved, like the Big Worle Facebook page and look out for updates.”

In a bid to continue the positive atmosphere Big Worle have already created, they are encouraging people to get involved with the final two weeks of their ‘Love Wins’ event. The third week sees Big Worle loving their community and the fourth week is focused on ‘flying a kite’ for something you love or something you would like to see in 2021.

Residents will be encouraged to make kites to demonstrate their passions. There will be prizes available for the most creative ideas and kites. Once you have made your kite, Big Worle are asking residents to send a picture for their social media pages as well as displaying them in windows to show their support and spread positivity around the area.

If you would like to get involved with the remaining weeks of ‘Love Wins’ month or would like to know more about the Big Worle project, either email or find them on Facebook



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