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Need for Uniform Exchange Grows

The Hope Uniform Exchange, launched in September this year and located on Wadham St in the town has seen a significant increase in the amount of people using the service.

The exchange provides new school uniforms to underprivileged families on a referral basis and offers all parents a service by which they can swap pre-loved primary and secondary school uniform that their child has outgrown for items that will fit.

Whilst the exchange is currently only offering a click & collect service during this second lockdown, they have noticed a significant increase in the amount of families being referred to the service over recent weeks.

On average since their launch, Hope Uniform Exchange initially helped between 12-15 families each week. But this number is growing. Since the beginning of the second lockdown they have had a huge demand for their click and collect service and requests for help through their website has tripled during this time and with the cold weather beginning to creep in, demands for coats have also significantly risen.

Since the project launched the exchange has helped more than 40 families who have been referred to their service and over 250 parents have used the uniform exchange to swap clothes.

Shop manager Becky Maxwell-Csereklye said "The uniform exchange has seen a huge increase in the amount of families needing to use our service. We're pleased that we are able to provide help to families who are struggling as well as promoting recycling through the uniform exchange. With families finances under increasing pressure from a combination of the effects of the pandemic on the economy and the increased costs of living we expect to see an ever higher number of people utilise our service"

Hope Uniform Exchange can be contacted via their Facebook Page:



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