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Fish & Chip shop reels in hearts by batter-ing hunger in the community

The Strange Catch fish and chip shop will launch it's "Pay it Forward" scheme next week.

The scheme which will launch on Tuesday 9th January and will allow customers to pay for meals that they will not be using and pinning the receipt to a board and people who are struggling to put food on their table will be able to go in to the shop and take one of the meal receipts to hand to staff and redeem a meal.

The scheme will be run on trust from ticket redeemers and the generosity of others that do not find themselves going through quite the same hardships.

Every person who contributes to the scheme will have their name placed into a hat and a prize draw will take place at the end of every month where the winner will win complimentary cod, chips and mushy peas for 2 people.

Dan Strange who owns The Strange Catch said; "As we enter our 4th year I look back at 2023 with no real joy. watching the cost of potatoes nearly double in price over 18 months, the cost of living for everybody skyrocketing, the cost of energy going through the roof and with more and more people having to use food banks you can kind of see why."

"As a family, we've been lucky in that we have not had to look upon the kindness of food banks to help feed the kids, but not everybody is in the same situation as ourselves. That's why this year we've decided we'd like to do something for those in real need."



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