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Labour selects Dan Aldridge to battle John Penrose MP at the next general election

The Labour Party has chosen Dan Aldridge as its candidate for the Weston-super-Mare constituency at the next general election.

The 39-year-old was selected from a shortlist of three by local party members at a hustings event held at The Royal Hotel, Weston-super-Mare, on Wednesday 13th March 2024.

The other short-listed candidates were former MEP Alex Mayer and accountant Chris Wongsosaputro.

Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate; Dan Aldridge

Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, Mr Aldridge moved to Weston with his parents, sisters and brother in 2001. Dan studied for his A-levels at Weston College, then read psychology at the University of Exeter and completed an MSc at Northumbria University alongside working with children with autism.

Dan Aldridge currently works as Head of Policy and Public Affairs at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, promoting digital skills and education and supporting governments, businesses and the public sector to develop and use technology for good.

His previous employment includes roles at the Office for Students, Stonewall, within local government and special educational needs education, he is a Trustee of Somewhere to Go, Weston’s homelessness and rough sleeping charity and an advisor to several technology charities such as OpenUK1 and the Software Sustainability Institute

Dan Aldridge was also endorsed by the UK’s largest union Unison, the Communication Workers Union.

Commenting on the result of the selection process, Weston-super-Mare Labour Party chairperson Cllr. Hugh Malyan said; “Dan is a great parliamentary candidate with lots to offer the residents of Weston. He cares passionately about Weston and our people and his family is all rooted here. He has a wealth of experience and a proven track record of campaigning.”

“He will make an excellent member of parliament and fight hard for Weston. I look forward to working with him to ensure we elect our first-ever Labour member of parliament.”

“I would also encourage any resident that wants to help the Labour Party in our area to get in touch and join our winning team.”

North Somerset Council Labour Group Leader, Cllr. Catherine Gibbons said; “Daniel is a hard-working local man whose work ethic and determination to deliver will transform the lives of residents in Weston-super-Mare. He is a breath of fresh air and a solutions-driven community activist and leader.”

“His kindness, warmth and passion to serve is why you will always see him going the extra mile for people. I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in our movement as a colleague and friend.”

“I’ve seen his tenacity and advocacy of Weston in Westminster already in my role as Deputy Leader of North Somerset Council and I know that if we elect him as our first Labour MP, he'd do everything in his power to bring positive changes to the town and ensure no one is left behind.”

Dan Aldridge at the Weston College Safer Internet Day event that he coordinated with the College

Dan Aldridge’s said; “I’m so grateful to have been selected as our parliamentary candidate by local party members this week.”

“While it won’t be easy to win here for the first time, I know Weston and our people, this town is crying out for meaningful change and we will deliver it.”

“My family has been here for twenty-four years, it’s where our kids go to school, where my sister is a nurse, and where my partner works in early years, we know how difficult things have become under fourteen long years of Tory rule.”

“Their decisions have left our people making impossible choices – between heating their homes and feeding their families, left so many unable to pay their rent or mortgage. Pensioners aren’t getting that dignity in retirement they deserve, and young people aren’t getting much of a chance at all.”

“l will be making the case for a more positive and engaged politics here in Weston, putting hope, aspiration and local people’s voices at the heart of change and how we ‘do’ politics.”

“We’re working hard to earn your trust and votes, and I’ll be doing that every day alongside the amazing team we’ve built for this campaign. With Labour, life will be fairer.”



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