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Local artist to auction work for charity

Weston based artist James Richardson is to auction off 25 pieces of his work for charity. James, who specialises in abstract and contemporary art said he recognised that this year has been a difficult time for local charities and wants to help.

After a poll of residents requesting suggestions for charities the proceeds would go to, so many suggestions were made that two charities will be picked out of a hat at the conclusion of the auction.

James said "I wanted to organise an auction because 2020 has been a challenging year both financially and mentally for so many, I think many of us are in overdrafts, some even worse, so I wanted to contribute to a local charity that might be struggling as a result due to seeing a drop in donations. All profits from the auction will go to two local charities and I'm really pleased to be able contribute back to the community"

The online auction will be on Sunday 6th December at 7pm. The link to the auction can be found here:



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