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Local lad running 50 miles to raise money for Alzheimer's Society

Jaydon of Priory Community School Academy has already raised £153 for the Alzheimer’s Society - £53 above his £100 target - just days into the charity challenge. The Year 9 PCSA student was concerned about those with dementia during the COVID-19 crisis so wanted to help.

He said: “As lockdown 3.0 strikes and football stops I thought I would try and stay fit by running. To help keep me motivated I thought I would sign up to this challenge and run 50 miles by the end of January and raise money for Alzheimer’s Society which I believe is a great charity."

"The past few months have been tough for everyone, but coronavirus has hit those affected by dementia the hardest and continues to disrupt lives. So that's why I'm lacing up my trainers and taking on Run for Dementia. Please donate to support me and ensure Alzheimer's Society can be there for the people who need them most.”

Principal Angelos Markoutsas said: “We celebrate our tremendous students who are always so generous and giving. This is a wonderful thing for Jaydon to be doing for the Alzheimer’s Society.”



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