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Megan, 10, launches campaign to inspire other children to save the planet

Megan is on a mission to make sure the environmental crisis is solved as quickly as possible.

The pupil, from Castle Batch Primary School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, has launched her campaign Children Can Save Our Planet (CCSOP) in an aim to inspire those around her.

Megan has made lifestyle changes such as turning pescatarian, cutting out unsustainable palm oil, and also takes part in regular litter picks. Now she wants to help others to follow suit by launching her own climate change website.

Megan said: “I have always been interested in helping the environment. This website is about encouraging others to try their hardest because every little thing helps.”

This is the latest example of Worle Community School Academy’s eco group Climate Justice Revolution working in primary schools across Weston-super-Mare.

To find out more about Megan's work, go to her website:



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