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National Mega-Poll puts Labour in the lead in Weston for the 2024 General Election

A new megapoll of over 10,000 respondents carried out by Focaldata on behalf of "Best for Britain" was undertaken to review the political landscape at the beginning of this election year.

The poll has found that the British public has run out of patience with Rishi Sunak's government, with 3 in 5 voters (61%) wanting an early general election. One in four (25%) say the election should take place immediately and over 1 in 3 (36%) say it should take place by June 2024 at the latest.

The same survey suggests that tactical voting will be critical at the next election with most respondents (52%), saying they would consider voting tactically. 38% say they would consider voting tactically to secure a change of government while just 13% say they are prepared to do so to keep the Conservatives in post.

For Weston-super-Mare, the poll shows that the general election would be a disaster for Weston's incumbent MP; John Penrose, with him set to lose the seat he has held for 18 years.

The poll shows that amongst the leaders of the main political parties, Labour's Keir Starmer is in the lead on 31%, with the Conservatives Rishi Sunak polling only 18% and the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey on a mere 6%. Don't knows are on 32% which suggests that as the general election draws closer, voters in Weston-super-Mare may flock even more greatly to the Labour Party to ensure John Penrose MP fails to secure yet another 5 years in office.

The popularity of John Penrose has fallen drastically in recent times with increasing numbers of constituents taking to social media to voice their opposition to the MP.

Latest poll shows Weston-super-Mare's MP; John Penrose will struggle to retain his seat at the next election.

Local resident Simon Kerrigan, in response to photos of empty shelves at the local foodbank after the Christmas period said; "John Penrose MP are you seeing this? In your own back yard. I'll bet you won't be going without this Christmas, or any other day for that matter"

To which another local resident Shona Neale responded "This is the man who voted against the extension of free school meals during the pandemic and sits/sat on the board of governors of a local academy trust ."

Steve Kavangh went even further saying; "Don't worry about John Penrose seeing it. Worry about everyone else who votes for him. Enough, he has to go. General Election 2024, let's start rebuilding our country after 14 years of the most incompetent period of Government in modern British history."

The unpopular MP has also also struggled to distance himself from the disaster that was Britain's Covid-19 test-and-trace programme in England which was overseen by his wife Baroness Dido Harding at a cost of £37 billion, but that was widely condemned as being unfit for purpose and a total waste of taxpayers money.

A general election must take place by 28th January 2025, however all signs are currently pointing towards it taking place in May 2024, potentially the 2nd May, which is the date for the Police & Crime Commissioner elections for Avon & Somerset.


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