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North Somerset Council takes first step in restoring Weston-super-Mare floral clock

Work gets under way this week to restore the floral clock in Weston-super-Mare’s town centre.

The first stage will see the recent concrete covering removed. The work will be carried out by Glendale, North Somerset Council’s ground maintenance contractor, and is expected to take around three days to complete. 

Once the concrete has been removed, the council will assess whether any additional improvement work needs to be done to prepare the area for planting. 

Councillor Mike Solomon, North Somerset Council’s Executive Member for Culture and Leisure, said: “From the feedback we’ve received from residents, we can see how much the floral clock means to the people of Weston-super-Mare.

“We’ve been working with the Weston-super-Mare Lions Club to create a plan for the future of the clock, and I’m pleased to say that our contractor Glendale will be starting to remove concrete from the site from today (19 February). 

“By using our grounds maintenance contractor to carry out the work, we can get it done within our existing budget. And as we’re currently in a traditionally quieter period for grounds work, delivering this won’t have a significant knock-on effect on our other planned projects."

“It’s fantastic that we can embark on the first step towards restoring the floral clock so quickly. We’re still working hard to develop the best plan for the area. For instance, we’re considering planting schemes for the clock, and are keen to bring in sustainable planting where possible.

"We’re also in the planning stages of a pilot scheme to improve the green space in Alexandra Parade as a whole, and the floral clock will be a vital part of this."

“We’ve witnessed an outpouring of support for the clock on social media and beyond, and we’re very keen to work with the Lions and other volunteers on this project. When we’ve finished finalising the details, we’ll share them with the local community and explain how anyone who’s interested can get involved.

“I’d also like to thank those who have been in touch with offers of sponsorship for the floral clock. It’s great to see the community rallying together in support of such a popular landmark."

If anyone else is interested in sponsoring the clock, please contact NSC's communications team at



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