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Snow on the cards for Weston this week as temperatures fall

New weather maps reveal the precise locations and timings for potential snowfall in Weston and certain parts of the South West next week.

Image: WXChart

Nationwide, temperatures are steadily decreasing, and some regions are poised for snowfall. An interactive map by WXCharts illustrates wintry showers across the entire South West, singling out Bristol, Somerset, and sections of Gloucester for potential snow and ice on Wednesday, January 17, highlighted in purple.

While the Met Office has not yet issued a weather warning for the South West, meteorologists predict a significant temperature drop. Currently, a yellow weather warning for snow and ice covers Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the northern parts of England from Sunday to Thursday.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Chris Bulmer explained, “Snow showers from Sunday onwards are most likely to move inland from coasts exposed to northerly winds. The focus of snow showers will be over northern Scotland, but parts of the North Sea and Irish Sea coasts may also see some snow at times. There are a couple of weather systems for Tuesday and Wednesday which we are keeping an eye on that bring the potential for disruptive snow for some regions. With cold air firmly in place, any weather systems that move across the country next week will bring mainly snowfall inland. Models are currently showing us a variety of options for both systems, and we’ll be able to add more details in the coming days.”

Despite the absence of an official warning for the South West, the forecast emphasizes the importance of vigilance due to the potential drop in temperatures and the likelihood of snowfall.



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